Sorry Mohanlal; You are a Superstar, says KRK

Sorry Mohanlal; You are a Superstar, says KRK

The Biggest Indian movie is announced with a budget of whopping 1000 Crores and titled as The Mahabharata, an adaptation of M T Vasudevan’s novel Randamoozham. Superstar Mohanlal is playing the lead role of Bheema in this epic movie.

It was after the big announcement self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan aka KRK mocked Mohanlal calling him “Chotta Bheem”. He said that Mohanlal is unfit for the role of Bheema. KRK thought that he could get away after made such a comment on Kerala’s biggest superstar, but Mohanlal fans proved that he was completely wrong. Mohanlal fans and well-wishers counterblast KRK. Many celebrities too came forward to support Mohanlal.

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A hacking group came forward claiming that they hacked KRK’s YouTube account and his earnings are in danger. This doesn’t stop KRK from mocking Mohanlal and Mohanlal fans. He continued mocking Mohanlal and Kerala with several back-to-back tweets.

KRK is infamous for mocking several celebrities including Shahrukh Khan, Dhanush and even Superstar Rajinikanth. But he hasn’t made any apologies for his actions. Now, surprisingly he made apologies to Mohanlal. Actually, that’s not a big surprise as KRK faced the biggest counterblast he can ever get in his life!

Finally, KRK tweeted: “Sir @Mohanlal sorry to call you #ChotaBheem Coz I didn’t know much about you. But now I know that you are a super star of Malayalam films.”

It seems like KRK now knows better than anyone else who Mohanlal is and the bigger fan base he is enjoying.

To those who want to mock Mohanlal once more, we have an advice, think twice before mocking Mohanlal, the biggest star of Mollywood, otherwise face the biggest counterblast you can ever get! Don’t underestimate the power of MOHANLAL FANS!

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