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Ezra Movie Review: Technically Brilliant Movie; Moreover, Horror is not the only thing!

Ezra Movie Review: Technically Brilliant Movie; Moreover, Horror is not the only thing!

After waiting for weeks, one of the most anticipated films this year Ezra starred by Young Super Star Prithviraj Sukumaran had hit the screens last day. It is a horror thriller directed by a debutant named Jay K and he had written the movie as well.

The film had come with the tagline of “Your Worst Fear will come true” and the team behind the movie had claimed that it is going to be the best ever horror film made in Malayalam Cinema history till now. Yes, in a sense that is true. Because when it comes to the technical side of the movie it was just amazing and technically it is the most brilliant horror film ever made in Malayalam Cinema. But the question remains that, whether it can be called the best ever horror film made here considering its content and treatment as well.

The plot of this film revolves around the Jew culture that was prevalent in Kerala, especially in Kochi. The black magic practices of Jews had become a central pillar in this story which was based on the myth of Dybbuk.

Prithviraj plays a character named Ranjan who gets a transfer from Mumbai to Kochi and he comes here with his wife Priya, played by Kollywood Actress Priya Anand. While Priya was decorating their Villa at Kochi using some Antique Materials, she happened to come across an Antique box in an Antique Shop there. She buys it and brings it to their home. It was Dybbuk Box in which an evil Spirit has been locked for years and she frees it without knowing about all these stories. The film shows what happens next in the life of Ranjan and Priya, and how they resolve it.

The story is fresh in a sense that it dealt with the Jewish history here in Kochi. But clichés are there in the presentation of events that happens in the movie. Still, the writer/director had succeeded in convincing the viewer about the situations in the plot and he really done a great job in creating the atmosphere for a horror movie. The first half of the movie was superb with some great horror scenes. But the second half not raised up to that level as it lacked pace. It only picked up the pace just before the climax portion and the twist in that portion had saved the movie as well.

The Visuals from Sujith Vasudev was the backbone of this movie and it was just terrific, to say the least. Background scoring by Sushin Shyam and one song from Rahul Raj was superb as well. Vivek Harshan was at his best when it comes to the editing of this movie, even though the second half could have been crisp. Prithviraj had given a matured performance as Ranjan and Priya Anand too did a great job. Tovino Thomas, Vijaya Raghavan, Sujith Sankar, Sudev Nair etc also played their part to perfection.

In total, Ezra is decent horror Movie which will not disappoint you for sure. Technically it is the best ever horror cinema made here in Mollywood and it is an experience as well.

So grab your tickets without any hesitation and Ezra is waiting for you at the cinema halls. Its a must watch and of course we recommend it.

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– Ezra Movie Review by Newscoopz Movie Review Team


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