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Baahubali 2 Review: Indian Cinema riding high on the wings of Baahubali!

Baahubali 2 Review: Indian Cinema riding high on the wings of Baahubali!

The anticipation level had touched sky high before the release of Baahubali 2: The Conclusion and the hype around the movie was beyond describable. At last, the movie written and directed by SS Rajamouli graced the screens all over the globe and without any doubt we can say that this sequel had surpassed the quality of its first part and emerged as a winner by conquering the hearts of the audience.

You all know where the first part has been ended and for which question people are looking to get an answer. The second part begins at that point where the first part ended and it enters the flash back from there. It shows us the life of Amarendar Baahubali, how he meets, Devasena and later what circumstances led Kattappa to kill Amerendra Baahubali.

SS Rajamouli definitely had created a grand visual spectacle which we never saw before in Indian Cinema. The screenplay was tightly written with all the elements to make the audience get entertained till the very last moment. The film begins slowly but with some grand visuals. Then picks up the pace through some humorous scenes and then it comes to its best parts which give the audience excitement, thrill, and goosebumps.

The first half of the movie was just stunningly amazing and we can say that the first half of Baahubali 2 is better than the whole first part of Baahubali the movie. The pre-interval portion was just terrific, to say the least. The screenplay is filled with intense plot situations and it will touch the heart of the audience. At many points, the dialogues and atmosphere in the plot give the audience the thrill for which they are waiting for.

The second half was also technically perfect and well written. Even though towards the end we may feel that the intensity in the plot weakens a bit, it will never affect the viewing experience, as it was shot fabulously. The Graphics work was terrific and better than the first part and also the sound designing was superb. The twists and turns in the screenplay were amazing as well.

Performance from Prabhas as Amarendra Baahubali was just stunning as he had given his everything for that character. His performance was better than that from the first part as he was more convincing and more natural this time as the character. He had played Mahendra Baahubali as well in it and compared to Amarendra Bahubali, Mahendra Baahubali is not that powerful we can say. But he did justice to it nevertheless. Anushka sizzled as Devasena and she had given her best. Sathyaraj too was terrific as Kattappa and Rana Daggubati was awesome as Bhallalla Deva. Ramya Krishnan was powerful and perfect as always.

The DOP from Senthil Kumar was unbelievably beautiful and his visuals spoke a lot to the audience. The background scoring by Keeravani was the main highlight of this movie when it comes to its technical side. It was energetic and classic. The terrific background music blended very well with Rajamauli’s astonishing screenplay and it made the movie to reach another level. Editing was done by Kottagiri Venkateshwara Rao and we must give him credit because there were no lagging sequences in the movie which is of 2 hours 50 minutes in length. Songs were good but not up to the level of the songs in Bahubali first part.

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In total, Baahubali 2 is the best ever visual spectacle which was made in the history of Indian Cinema and SS Rajamouli showed once again that why he is been considered as the master craftsman in India. Never miss this cinematic experience from theaters. If you miss this one, then it will be a big loss for you.

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