It was Mammootty who was approached to play the lead in Runway at first, not Dileep!

It Was Mammootty who was approached to play the lead in Runway at first, not Dileep!

Runway is one of the biggest hits in the career of popular actor Dileep and it was directed by Joshiy based on the screenplay written by Udaya Krishna-Sibi K Thomas duo. Valayar Paramashivam, the character played by Dileep in that movie become very popular and now discussions are going on about the return of that character through the sequel of this movie. Reports suggest that Joshiy will do the sequel and the movie will be titled as Valayar Paramashivam. But there is an unheard story behind this character. It was Mega Star Mammootty who has been approached first to play this character and it was to be directed by Balu Kiriyathu.

Balu Kiriyathu was a popular director who had made films like Thakilu Kottampuram, Visa, Thathamme Poocha Poocha, Engayundashane etc. He had done most of his films with Mammootty in the lead and he was the one who at first approached Mammootty with the script written by Sibi- Udayan duo. The movie was to be produced by Gopura Distribution Company owned by Balu’s brother. Mammootty agreed to play the lead in it and received 5 lakhs rupees as an advance from the producer as well. But later a movie named Kattathe Penpoovu released by Gopura Distribution Company bombed at box office and the project with Mammootty also shelved due to that. Years later, the film is made with Dileep in the lead by Joshiy.

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