The Great Father team bloated their collection figures? Social media reacts and Shaji Nadesan responds!

The Great Father team bloated their collection figures? Social media reacts and Shaji Nadesan responds!

Mammootty’s The Great Father, which was released on March 30, is already a box office hit here in Kerala. According to the production team, the movie breaks all existing records here in Kerala. The production team says that the movie collected a whopping 4.31 Crores on its opening day from 202 screens playing 958 shows. According to them, the movie broke the collection records of both Kabali and Pulimurugan. Then later after 4 days, Mammootty informed through a Facebook post that the movie surpassed 20 crore mark as well and that too in record time.

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Even after official announcements were made by the production team and lead actor, many questioned the authenticity and credibility of the box office collection report. There were even trolls appeared in social media based on this!

Was The Great Father’s collection figures bloated for promotions? This was the question circulated over the social media for few days.

Now, Shaji Nadesan, co-producer of The Great Father movie responded to these allegations in a chat with an online media.

Producer Shaji Nadesan openly told to an online media that they never intended to make a move to surpass Pulimurugan and its record.

He added that Mammootty didn’t have a genuinely good movie and when that happened, fans and the general audience lapped it up and that is evident from the rush in theaters.

Then Shaji Nadesan accepted the fact that the film had dull noon shows and matinees, and at the same time, he added that it picked up with the second shows. According to him, third shows were arranged at 12 AM in 51 centers. He also added that out of the 202 screens at which the movie released, 60 screens were charted for Georgettan’s Pooram while around 15 screens were charted for 1971 Beyond Borders.

“The next day (March 31) due to the motor vehicle strike, the morning shows were dull. People were hesitant to come out due to the hartal but picked up from the matinee shows with the same flow.”, says Shaji Nadesan

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Meanwhile, Mohanlal Fans Club came forward with full proofs, facts, and figures that questioned the officially announced collection figures. They even Openly Challenged the production company to prove the authenticity of the collections. They got great support in social medias and many medias reported their Open Challenge.

Mohanlal fans made some groundwork for tracking the show counts and the approximate figures.

Mohanlal Fans Club found out that the movie was actually released in 180+ screens (202 screens according to theater list).

They analyzed the collection figures as well as occupancies from multiplexes all across Kerala. In all multi-screen, that can be tracked using online sources, The Great Father is behind Pulimurugan. They nailed it with solid proofs. They also gave the correct show count from popular show tracking sites here. Then they provided the list of screens which The Great Father lost on the day of Georgettan Pooram release and also the show counts on each day, including that of the Hartal day. That itself proves the hollowness in the collection report that came from the official team.

At the same time, certain tracking sites as well independent trade analysts tracked show counts as 766, 580 and 493 from the first day, second day and third day respectively. They reported the first-day collection of The Great Father as 3.57 crores.

The facts and figures compiled by Mohanlal fans show that Pulimurugan leads in the collection at each and every screen that can be tracked using online sources. It is with these findings they openly challenged the production team.

Anyway, Shaji Nadesan responded and now let us see whether the fight for the box office record will end up here. Many movie lovers do not want to dig up the box office collections. They just want to see and enjoy the movie. That’s enough!

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