Amazon India joined hands with to sell refurbished smartphones

Amazon India introduced a new section called refurbished smartphones, which enables customers to order refurbished smartphones. For this,  Amazon India joined hands with to sell refurbished smartphones.

As of now, is selling only refurbished smartphones of Xiaomi and Samsung through Amazon through this tie-up. But they are planning to add more brands like Apple, Micromax, One Plus, Motorola, and Lava to the list. Another interesting thing is that they are offering a six month warranty along with the devices selling through Amazon.

Refurbished phones are those phones that are used/unboxed but are professionally restored to meet the brand specifications and of course, they look like brand new one. Customers also have the advantage of six month manufacturer warranty and is definitely great  value for money. So this is going to be a great deal for customers who are looking for a budget.

According to, within a week of the introduction of the refurbished phone section in Amazon, the company has received more than 150 orders. Customers on a tight budget, who are looking for higher specification phones, can go through Amazon for purchasing refurbished phones.  Other refurbishing agents like and have a wider range of other brands available for purchase. As Amazon India joined hands with to sell refurbished smartphones, let us wait and see how this will effect other refurbishing agents.

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