Vishal’s 25-Year Journey as Actor Culminates in ‘Thupparivaalan 2’ Directorial Debut

Vishal’s 25-Year Journey as Actor Culminates in ‘Thupparivaalan 2’ Directorial Debut

After an illustrious 25-year journey in the Tamil film industry, actor Vishal is embarking on a thrilling new adventure – his directorial debut. Taking to social media, Vishal expressed his heartfelt sentiments, revealing his excitement at finally realizing his long-held dream. With unwavering determination, Vishal is set to helm the sequel to his 2017 hit, “Thupparivaalan.”

On Social Media platform X, Vishal wrote: “And my journey begins finally after 25 years. My dream, my aspiration, my first thought of wat I wanna be in life has come true. Yes, I take charge of a new responsibility, the most challenging in my career, that of a debutante director. Here we go finally. Off to London, Azerbaijan and Malta for the recce of my first directorial debut Thupparivalan 2 & Detective 2.”

“Thupparivaalan 2” was initially entrusted to acclaimed director Mysskin, with filming commencing in Bristol in 2019. However, as fate would have it, creative disparities arose, leading to Mysskin’s departure from the project. Undeterred by the challenge, Vishal stepped up to the plate, assuming the directorial reins and even filming portions of the movie before a brief hiatus ensued.

Now, as production gears up once more, Vishal is ready to lead the charge, embarking on a reconnaissance mission to locations spanning London, Azerbaijan, and Malta. Echoing the sentiments of his Twitter proclamation, Vishal extends gratitude to Mysskin for igniting the spark of his directorial ambition.

In his social media post, Vishal fondly recalls the wisdom imparted by his father, Mr. G.K. Reddy, and veteran actor Arjun, emphasizing the ethos of perseverance and dedication. With these guiding principles in mind, Vishal assures fans of his steadfast commitment to seeing “Thupparivaalan 2” through to its rightful destination.

The sequel promises a riveting continuation of the beloved detective saga, with Vishal reprising his iconic role alongside the return of Prasanna as Manohar. Musical maestro Ilaiyaraaja lends his expertise to the film’s score, while acclaimed cinematographer Nirav Shah captures its visual essence.

Produced under the Vishal Film Factory banner, “Thupparivaalan 2” is poised to captivate audiences once more with its gripping narrative and cinematic allure. As Vishal embarks on this directorial odyssey, fans eagerly await the culmination of his hard work and dedication on the silver screen.

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