Pathinettam Padi fame Ashwin Gopinath returns with a new investigative thriller ‘Rani: The Real Story’

Pathinettam Padi fame Ashwin Gopinath returns with a new investigative thriller ‘Rani: The Real Story’

Five years after his impressive debut in the 2019 film ‘Pathinettam Padi,’ which showcased 65 newcomers to Malayalam cinema, Ashwin Gopinath makes a comeback in Shankar Ramakrishnan’s latest project, ‘Rani: The Real Story.’ What’s surprising is that it’s the same teenage actor from ‘Pathinettam Padi’ now portraying a mature role. Available on OTT through Manorama Max, ‘Rani’ is set to enthrall audiences with its compelling storyline.

Unraveling an Investigative Thriller

In Shankar Ramakrishnan’s ‘Rani: The Real Story,’ an investigative thriller, Ashwin Gopinath joins a talented ensemble cast including Indrans, Niyathi Kadambi, Bhavana, Urvashi, Guru Somasundaram, and Honey Rose. While not in the lead role, Ashwin’s portrayal of Aby Kuruvilla, an online journalist, is crucial to the investigation led by Indrans’ character. The plot centers around the aftermath of a mysterious murder involving a highly influential MLA, portrayed by Guru Somasundaram, and the subsequent framing of a domestic worker named Rani, played by Niyathi Kadambi. With Ramakrishnan’s directorial finesse and his own screenplay, ‘Rani’ promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Ashwin’s Transformation

While ‘Rani’ garners praise on social media, audiences are equally intrigued by Ashwin’s transformation from his role in ‘Pathinettam Padi’ to his portrayal in ‘Rani.’ In the former, Ashwin played the younger version of a character portrayed by Prithviraj, earning acclaim for his performance alongside Mammootty. However, in ‘Rani,’ Ashwin emerges in a mature role, unrecognizable from his previous teenage persona. His character, Aby Kuruvilla, now navigates the complexities of fatherhood, adding layers to his on-screen presence and leaving audiences pleasantly surprised by his versatility.

Exploring Ashwin Gopinath

Beyond his acting prowess, Ashwin Gopinath is a multifaceted talent, doubling as an entrepreneur with a tech startup based in Bangalore. Born on June 27th, 1992, in Kerala, Ashwin’s debut Malayalam film, “Pathinettam Padi,” transcended linguistic boundaries, being dubbed into Tamil as “Local Boys,” Telugu as “Gangs of 18,” and Hindi as “Aur Ek Tezz Khiladi.” His return in ‘Rani – The Real Story’ marks a promising chapter in his cinematic journey, leaving audiences eager to witness his future endeavors on the silver screen.

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