1971 Beyond Borders Review: A war drama with a different take on war!

1971 Beyond Borders Review: A war drama with a different take on war!

After so much waiting, the movie 1971 Beyond Borders had hit the screens all over India on this Friday. This war drama was written and directed by Major Ravi and starred by the Complete Actor of Indian Cinema, Mohanlal. It was produced by Red Rose Creations owned by Haneef Muhammad and this is the 5th association of Major Ravi with Mohanlal. Mohanlal is playing dual characters named Colonel Mahadevan and Major Sahadevan in this movie, which is based on the 1971 war that happened between India and Pakistan in which India won.

The plot of this movie revolves around 3 characters who fought in the 1971 war. It was Major Sahadevan played by Mohanlal, Lieutenant Chinmay and Pakistan commander Akram Raja. The film focuses on the emotional struggles through which soldiers goes through while they were on duty and following the orders from higher officials. The film raises the question of why these wars happen. Neither the soldiers nor the people want it. Then who want it so badly..?

Major Ravi once again become succeeded in making a movie that tells us what really going on the lives of soldiers while we are making merry here. What are the conditions through which they go through and what they really want. This is not a movie in which condemns Pakistan and glorifies India. On the other hand, it tells that every soldier fights for their motherland as he obeys the order and it is his duty to protect his country till his last breath. Even our enemies have dignity, honor and they too have a human side. We have to respect them once the fight is over. The screenplay based on real events was presented very realistically. Even though that made the movie a medium paced one, it looked very real. Technically the movie was superior to every war films made in India till now.

The DOP from Sujith Vasudev was just fabulous. The war scenes were shot stunningly. The VFX part too looked terrific. Songs were composed by 3 music directors named Sidharth Vipin, Rahul Subrahmaniam and Najim Arshad. All the songs were great and the Hindi song sung by Hariharan was just awesome. Gopi Sundar had done a decent job with its background scoring as well. Samjith had edited the film and at some points, we may feel that he could have done better.

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Mohanlal’s performance was just awesome. The intensity with which he presented the character and energy he had shown in this age as a soldier was just exceptional. We often say when an actor’s eyes speak, it means a lot. That is what Mohanlal had done in this flick. Allu Sirish was decent and Arunoday Singh was superb as well. Ranji Panicker, Sudheer Karamana, Devan, Krishna Kumar, Manikuttan, Asha Sharath, Saiju Kuruppu etc also done well in the movie.

1971 Beyond Borders is a realistic take on the lives of soldiers who took part in the war of 1971. It gives a message against war and it tells us that it is time to say no to war. This one is a grand visual spectacle and you will love it if you love to watch military movies or movies which are filled with patriotic spirit.

Mohanlal won his 5th National Award: Special Jury award for Mohanlal in 64th National Film Awards!

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