Words of Mammootty cost Mohanlal’s dates for a director!

Words of Mammootty cost Mohanlal’s dates for a director!

We are talking about an incident happened in the year 1986. We know that Mammootty is an actor, who always care about the importance of his characters in a movie and he never lets anyone to take center stage when he is playing the main role in a movie. But such attitude of him had caused many problems as well for many other artists and Film Makers. One such incident happened in the year 1986 and it cost Super Star Mohanlal’s dates for the director. It was during the shoot of the movie named Geetham. In That movie, Mammootty played the male lead and Mohanlal played a cameo.

The movie was directed by Sajan. Mammootty played a character named Yatheendran who directs stage plays. He adopts a child and looks after him like his own son. But later Mohanlal’s character comes in the climax part of the movie claiming that he is the biological father of that child and he decided to take the child with him to America. When he comes, he brings a champagne bottle with him to gift it to Yatheendran. But Yatheendran’s character throws it away and then Mohanlal’s character says that it is too bad to such a thing.

The portions of Mammootty and Mohanlal were shot at different times as both of them were going through busy schedules. Except the combination shot, the director had shot all other sequences. But when it comes to the combination shot, Mammootty refused to do it as he felt that if he did that shot, then he will become nothing in front of the character played by Mohanlal. Because of Mammootty’s words, the director dropped the plan to shoot that portion. But when it came to the dubbing part of the movie, Mohanlal realized that the director not filming that scene anymore and he said that it was a good if it was there. After completing the dubbing, he said to writer SN Swamy that he will never work with that director and Sajan had never got Mohanlal’s date for a movie from then.

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