Will Kabali have a sequel?

Will Kabali have a sequel?

Kabali, the film by Pa Renjith starring Super Star Rajinikanth had hit the screen all over the world on July 22 and the film is receiving average reviews from viewers and good reviews from film critics. It was not a usual mass masala film from Rajinikanth, but it was indeed a different attempt from him to play an emotionally aged gangster with a realistic touch to it. We can say that it is a complete Pa Renjith movie than a complete Rajinikanth movie. But reviews which are mostly on the negative side does not affect the collection of the movie as there were reports that the flick had earned above 50 crores from its opening day from the worldwide run. Now, there is another rumor doing its round in Social Media that, Kabali will have a sequel and the director is planning it.

The report says that director Pa Renjith himself indicated about the possibility of a sequel for Kabali in a recent media interview. But he said that he will closely monitor the audience reviews for Kabali before committing to the sequel of this movie. The film had ended in such a way that there is a scope for planning a sequel for it. Anyway, first of all, we have to wait and see how Kabali fares at the box office in the coming days.

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