Why Joshiy said that he will never make a movie with Mammootty?

Why Joshiy said that he will never make a movie with Mammootty?

We all know that Joshiy is one of the directors who had made many super successes in Mollywood and he had delivered some blockbusters with Mohanlal and Mammootty as well. We can say that it was Joshiy who gave a new life to Mamootty in this industry by making the movie New Delhi with him, which become a super mega blockbuster. Mammootty was almost out from Mollywood due to continuous failures and the success of New Delhi is the one which brought him back here strongly. But years before that happened, Joshiy once said that he will never make a movie with Mammootty.

The incident happened on the set of a movie named Aa Rathri directed by Joshiy and starred by Mammootty. Mammootty was very busy at that time as he was doing multiple movies at the same time. Joshiy was a super hit director at that time who had made super successes with Prem Nazeer, Jayan, Madhu, Soman etc. Due to his busy schedule, Mammootty came to the set of the movie AA Rathri late at night. The whole crew waited for him as he had informed them that he will arrive at 10 pm. But he got late. After arriving there, Mammootty went asleep during his makeup and he even slept while standing in front of the camera as well. That had made Joshiy angry and he left the set saying that he will never make films with Mammootty.

In fact, Mammootty was very much tired of his busy schedule and that was the real cause. Later Mammootty went to meet Joshiy and apologized to him. The rest is history.

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