Wanted to marry Mohanlal when I was a kid, says Kavya Madhavan!

Wanted to marry Mohanlal when I was a kid, says Kavya Madhavan!

Kavya Madhavan is one of the most popular actresses in Kerala and she had won many recognitions for her performance in movies. She has been a part of many popular movies here in Kerala and her onscreen chemistry with popular actor Dileep is well-known as well. She had to suffer some problems in her personal life after her marriage and later she got divorced and came back to her acting career. She says that Cinema always gave her happiness and it has been a part of her life since she was five years old. While telling about her friendships in Malayalam Film industry, she says that from her childhood, she is a great Mohanlal admirer. When she was a kid, her wish was to marry Mohanlal. Her family members also are big Mohanlal fans and her father used to allure her by saying that he will take her to the theater to watch Mohanlal films if she remains a good girl.

Kavya Madhavan had acted only in a few movies with Mohanlal. She said that she still admire him a lot. For her, Mammootty is just like a family member. She had acted with Mammootty in quite a few movies and he is been very caring and loving. Suresh Gopi is like a big brother to her who always supported her in all the issues that happened in her life.

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