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Sudani From Nigeria Review: A beautiful tale of life which will touch your heart

Sudani From Nigeria Review: A beautiful tale of life which will touch your heart

The Malayalam movie which had graced the screens here in Kerala today was Sudani From Nigeria, directed by the debutant named Zakariya. Popular actor Soubin Shahir is playing the male lead in this movie along with African actor Samuel Abiola. Director Zakariya and Muhsin Parari had written the screenplay for this movie which has been bankrolled by Sameer Thahir and Shyju Khalid under their banner named Happy Hours Entertainment.

The plot of this movie revolves around the craze for sevens football in Malabar side of Kerala. The flick focuses on this craze along with the life of characters named Majeed and Samuel played by Soubin Shahir and Samuel Abiola. Majeed is a young man from Calicut who is the manager of a Sevens Football team. Samuel is a Nigerian footballer who comes to India to play for this sevens team owned by Majeed. The flick tells us about their life and friendship.

Zakariya has become successful in presenting a fresh and different story in a realistic as well as in an entertaining manner. The story has been told using situations which has humor in it. Along with humor, there is the excitement related to football games as well as emotionally appealing sequences. As writers, both Zakariya and Muhsin Parari deserves applause. The plot situations were very much convincing for the audience and the dialogues were hilarious.

Performance from Soubin Shahir has been great as he had made a memorable debut as hero through this film. He just behaved as the character and his expressions and body language has been hilarious at times. Samuel Abiola who played the Nigerian Footballer has been great as well. He made us feel that he is tailor made for playing this character. Others like Savithri Sreedharan, Sarasa Balussery, KTC Abdulla etc has been fabulous to say the very least. They were just amazing in their roles as they just lived as their characters in this movie. Many new faces also had given sterling performances in this flick.

The DOP from Shyju Khalid has been once again brilliant. His visuals had made us feel that we are also in the atmosphere where the plot is unraveling. Noufal Abdulla’s editing was sharp and crisp and the movie never slowed down once it got a start. Rex Vijayan once again provided some soulful music which had enhanced the cinematic experience.

In total, Sudani From Nigeria is a well- crafted realistic entertainer which will make you happy and amazed at the same time. It has a life in it and will never let anyone down who spent his or her valuable time and money to watch this beautiful cinematic experience.

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