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Sakhavu Movie Review: A Wonderful Movie Experience with both class and mass!

Sakhavu Movie Review: A Wonderful Movie Experience with both class and mass!

Sakhavu, one of the most anticipated movies of this season, had graced the screens here is Kerala. The movie, written and directed by critically acclaimed national award winning filmmaker Sidhartha Siva, has young star Nivin Pauly playing the lead role.


Nivin is coming with a movie after the gap of 1 year and that was the main reason behind the huge anticipation level of this movie. Sidharth Siva always had given us content oriented class movies and that also raised the expectation level. We can say without any doubt that this flick had done justice to all that expectations.

The plot of this flick revolves around two characters. One is a young and crooked minded new generation politician named Krishna Kumar and another is an old generation social activist and a member of Communist party of India, named Comrade Krishnan. Both these characters are played by Nivin Pauly and the story is set in two different periods. The flick tells us about the changes that happen to Krishna Kumar after he accidently comes in contact with some of the companions of Comrade Krishnan who is in a hospital.

Sidharth Siva had written a terrific screenplay based on the communist ideals and created the character of Sakhavu Krishnan, which is definitely a role model for the young politicians of modern times. He tells us through that character that how a politician should behave, how he have to treat his fellow beings, what is his duty and what has to be his aims. There are many emotional moments in this movie which will touch your hearts and there are mass elements too which can fire you up. The dialogues were terrific and meaningful. The situations in the plot were intense and it had depth in it as well.

The use of artists was stunning as well from SidharthA Siva. Nivin Pauly had given the best performance of him till date through this movie. Both characters he played were at different poles when it comes to their mindset and behavior pattern. But he had balanced it beautifully and given a convincing performance as both the characters. Other artists like Aishwarya Rajesh, Aparnna Gopinath, Musthafa, Sudheesh, Sreenivasan, Ranji Panicker, P Balachandran, Maniyan Pillai Raju, VK Prakash, Gayathri Suresh, Althaf etc also done well. Althaf’s expressions at times looked artificial. But somehow he managed it.

The DOP of this movie is George C Williams and he had done a terrific job. The visuals he had given which created two different atmospheres from two different times become the soul of the movie. Music by Prashant Pillai also rose to the occasion. His background scoring was fabulous as it will stir up the spirit of revolution and thrill in your mind.

In total, Sakhavu is a wonderful movie experience which can be termed as class and mass at the same time. It is the best movie from Sidhartha Siva till date and Nivin Pauly had done his best work till date in it as well.

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