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Sachin: A Billion Dreams Movie Review

Sachin: A Billion Dreams Movie Review

At last, the most awaited movie or rather the docu-fiction, based on the life of “The God of Cricket” Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar had graced the screens all over the globe last day. Sachin: A Billion Dreams was directed by world famous filmmaker named James Erskine and produced by Carnival Motion Pictures Private Limited. We can’t call it a movie but rather it is a narration of Sachin himself about his journey of 24 years in that 22 yards. Only the childhood of Sachin and his family members has been enacted by other actors. The rest of the movie comprises of perfectly woven videos from Sachin’s private life, Family Life, Public life and of course the crucial points of his career on that 22 yards.

Everyone knows what happened in Sachin’s life as his life is like an open book before Indians. Everybody considered him as their own child, brother, a boy next door and above all, Sachin is an emotion to this countrymen. The famous dialogue coined by Indian cricket fans says it all, “Cricket is a religion for us and Sachin is our God”. Then you may wonder what this film or documentary is all about. It is all about the history of Indian cricket in last 25-30 years or so through the eyes of Sachin Tendulkar. It flows through the ups and down in his professional and personal life. We saw all that through media all these years, but through this movie, we will get to know about what Sachin really felt and what he was really doing while he was passing through all those phases in his life.

The direction from James Erskine was just stunning to say the very least. He had done it in such a way that even though it is a documentary, the audience never feels that they are indeed watching a documentary. It was so free flowing, interesting and exciting. Goosebumps are guaranteed even if you are a Sachin fan or not. Even people who did not like cricket will like this one as it was such a sincere effort and such a realistic approach on the game of Cricket, history of India and on Sachin Tendulkar’s life.

It included the rare footages from Sachin’s personal life, from dressing rooms and also the videos from his famous matches. It was like a trip down the memory lane for every Indians and it was like we are all going back to our childhood once again. It was Sachin and Sachin in all sense. The great matches which we saw on mini screens years back, came on the big screen through this flick and the sight of this little genius smashing the greatest bowlers all over the park will make you a kid once again. The music from AR Rahman was just fabulous. The background scoring and the amazing Sachin… Sachin chant will give you an unforgettable experience and when it comes to the climax, you will literally cry like a child. No one can leave the cinema hall without eyes full of tears and a heart filled with the evergreen memories given by Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. We will realize the fact that we are still missing him a hell of a lot and Cricket has changed a lot since he bid farewell to this glorious game of Cricket.

Sachin: A Billion Dreams, will give you your childhood back. It will make you realize that nobody can ever replace this man named Sachin and no one will never come anyway close to him not just as a player but as a human being as well. Once again we will realize that, why he has been called the “God of Cricket”. It is indeed a never to miss cinema experience if you ever watched the game of cricket. If you are not a cricket fan, then watch this movie, from tomorrow you will be a fan of cricket and will start to miss Sachin like never before.

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