Ramante Edanthottam Movie Review: A Beautiful tale of love with some fresh feel in it!

Ramante Edanthottam Movie Review: A Beautiful tale of love with some fresh feel in it!

Ramante Edanthottam is the main Malayalam release that had graced the screens here in Kerala this Friday . It was written, directed and produced by popular filmmaker Renjith Shankar. It was his first independent production under the banner of Dreams N Beyond. Earlier he had produced 3 movies in association with Jayasurya under this banner and all those movies were successful as well. Punyalan Agarbathees, Su Su Sudhi Vathmeekam and Pretham are those 3 movies. Kunchacko Boban and Anu Sithara had played the lead characters in this movie named Ramante Edanthottam and it is also the first romantic movie directed by Renjith Shankar as well.

The plot of this movie revolves around the characters played by Raman, Malini and Elvis. Raman is a guy who is the owner of a resort in a remote place in a hill station. He is keeping the resort like the Garden of Eden and to that beautiful resort, a girl from a metro city comes and her name is Malini. Elvis is the husband of Malini. A special kind of romantic relationship kindles between Malini and Raman which changes the course of the plot. Kunchacko Boban, Anu Sithara, and Joju George play the characters named Raman, Malini, and Elvis respectively.

The first positive thing about this flick is, of course, the screenplay written by Renjith Shankar and also his beautiful direction. He told the story by adding a good dose of comedy and emotional situations. Characters played by Ramesh Pisharody and Aju Varghese were there in the movie, for the purpose of giving comic relief. The songs tuned by Bijipal were beautiful and background music from him was also very soothing to the ears. Visuals given by Madhu Neelakandan were also fabulous. The beautiful frames increased the total aesthetic value of the movie. Equal space was given to all the main characters and in a sense, we can say that the film speaks for women and for their dreams. It also questions the male domination in family life as well at parts.

The performance from Kunchako Boban as Raman was great, but the stunning performance had come from Anu Sithara and Joju George. Anu Sithara was terrific as Malini and she is going to be an asset for Mollywood in the coming years. Joju George showed his growth as an actor with another fabulous performance and his portrayal of Elvis was just showed the caliber of him as an actor. Sreejith Ravi, Muthumani, Ramesh Pisharody, Aju Varghese etc also done their parts very well.
The negative in the movie is that at parts it lagged as some scenes were more or less like a preaching. It was melodramatic at parts and too predictable as well. Editing could have been better at parts.

Nevertheless, Ramante Edanthottam is a very good entertainer, which has something fresh in it. It was treated in a different manner than usual romantic movies and that itself makes it a watchable flick.

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