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Queen Movie Review: This campus flick is a perfect mix of fun and thrill

Queen Movie Review: This campus flick is a perfect mix of fun and thrill


One of the releases that had graced the screens here in Kerala last day was Queen, a movie which came from a bunch of newcomers. This flick was directed by a debutant named Dijo Jose Antony and scripted by newcomers named Sharis Muhammad and Jibin Jose Antony. Queen is campus fun film or we can say that it is a campus thriller. It has been bankrolled by Shibu K Moideen and Rishad Vellodathil under the banner of Arabian Deams. The trailer, making video and songs from this movie had created great buzz before its release and because of that, there is a fair amount of anticipation for this movie among the audience as well.

The plot of this flick revolves around a bunch of students who come to join the mechanical engineering branch at a college. While they were having fun there, a girl student comes to their batch where there only boys till then. That changes their life. Even though they were not that happy at her arrival at first, later she becomes their best friend and their life. Her name is Chinnu and the film shows us what happens next in their life.

Even though Dijo Jose is a debutant, he had presented a very good theme in an interesting manner through this film. The screenplay from Sharis Muhammad and Jibin Jose has everything in it to engage the audience until the very end. It has fun elements which we expect from a campus film and later it becomes a thriller and the transition from a fun film to a thriller has been done very well. The talent of the director is evident here. The dialogues were hilarious in the first half and in the second half, the dialogues were very much intense and thought-provoking as well.

Performance from all the newcomers was terrific. The female lead character was played by Sania and she had given a very good performance as Chinnu. She looked beautiful, cute and extremely charming. Salim Kumar who had done a cameo in the movie had stolen the whole show. His dialogues were terrific and his character had made the climax of this movie a brilliant one. Others like Vijaya Raghavan, Niyas Bakkar, Vinod Kedamangalam, Sreejith Ravi, Aneesh G Menon etc also done their part to perfection.

The DOP Of this flick was Suresh and he had given some colorful visuals which had set the perfect atmosphere to tell the story. The atmosphere in the campus has been captured very well and later when the movie became a thriller, the visuals spoke a lot. Sagar Das had edited the flick and his cuts have been sharp and crisp. Jakes Bejoy is the one who created the songs and background music. He had done a terrific job as well.

In total, Queen has been a fantastic campus thriller which will offer you fun, thrill and even some thoughts that is very relevant in modern day society. It will never disappoint you for sure and go for it.

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