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Pulimurugan CG/VFX Showreel released by Firefly Creative Studio

Pulimurugan CG/VFX Showreel released by Firefly Creative Studio

Superstar Mohanlal starrer movie Pulimurugan, the biggest Mollywood blockbuster, was a visual treat too. The movie was filled with high voltage action packed scenes including tiger fight scenes. Here, VFX/CG team has a vital role to play out. Firefly Creative Studio, the team behind Pulimurugan VFX/CG works released a showreel showing the efforts behind the works.

Not all things can be done alone with the real tiger, there is a huge risk in this. So the team uses CG tiger also. As the team has to use both real as well as CG tiger, the team has to go into minute details to make CG tiger looks like the real tiger used in the shooting. Not only the appearance of the tiger its movement also has to feel realistic. This was one of the biggest challenges faced by the Pulimurugan team. If anything goes bad the result will be worse.

The tiger fight scenes have much importance in the movie as around 40 minutes of tiger fight scenes were there. It is much more difficult to convince Kerala audience as they watch every movie including Hollywood movies that have high-quality VFX/CG works. They don’t mind that there is a budget restriction in Mollywood. This is what achieved by Firefly Creative Studio, high-quality output with a restriction in the budget.

Here is the Firefly’s showreel of Pulimurugan.

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