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Oru Cinemakkaran Review: A Half-baked thriller but still watchable!

Oru Cinemakkaran Review: A Half-baked thriller but still watchable!

Oru Cinemakkaran directed by Leo Taddeus is the Malayalam movie that graced the screens here this Friday, Vineeth Sreenivasan had played the lead in this movie and Rajisha Vijayan played the female lead opposite him. This movie has been produced by Thomas Panikker under the banner of Opus Penta and LJ films had distributed the movie here in Kerala in more than 100 screens. Leo Taddeus had earlier given us movies like Pachamara Thanalil and Payyans with Sreenivasan and Jayasurya in the lead respectively.

Here is the teaser:

The plot of this movie named Oru Cinemakkaran revolves around the character named Alby who is an assistant director. He wants to become an independent director soon and trying hard to meet producers to get an opportunity. He meets a girl named Sara when he comes to Kochi and then marries her as well. But financial problems began to pull him down and the film shows his efforts to escape from those issues and it also shows what happens next in his life when he tries to resolve the problems he is facing financially.

We have to say that Oru Cinemakkaran is the better one among the movies directed by Leo till now. But this movie too looked like a half cooked one and ended up only as an average affair. A better screenplay could have been made this movie a very good thriller. In the first half, director showed as the problems facing by the protagonist and the struggles through which he is travelling to realize his dream. There were some comic sequences from Harish Kanaran and it was really a source of relief in the first half. In the second half, the movie travelled forward as a thriller. But the matter of fact is that it become too predictable when it reached the climax portion and even the climax twist didn’t create much of an impact. Still, it will not bore you inside the cinema hall thanks to the smooth pace it had.

The performance from Vineeth Sreenivasan as Alby was decent and he tried to give his maximum to this character. Rajisha Vijayan too did well as Sara, but she doesn’t have much to do with it. There were many characters in the movie but none had a space of their own in it. Artists like Vijay Babu, Anusree Harish Kanaran, Prashant Narayanan, Renji Panicker, Lal, Sasi Kalinga, Jaffer Idukki, Abu Salim etc also did their part well.
The DOP from Sudheer Surendran was nice and his visuals were cool. Bijipal’s background scoring was nice, but songs could have been better and no songs remain in our heart. Editing from Ranjan Abraham was very good and it saved the movie from becoming a boring affair, as the screenplay was predictable.

In total, Oru Cinemakkaran is a onetime watchable flick, which will satisfy you if you go to watch it without the burden of expectation, seeing the face of Vineeth Sreenivasan on the poster. If they have given some extra care to conceal the loopholes in the screenplay, the flick may have provided a better cinematic experience.

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