Muhabbathin Kunjabdulla Review: An entertaining tale of true love that can enthrall as well

Muhabbathin Kunjabdulla Review: An entertaining tale of true love that can enthrall as well

Muhabbathin Kunjabdulla is one among the Malayalam movies that graced the screens here today. This flick has been directed by debutant Shanu Samad and he had written the screenplay of this movie as well. Benazir has bankrolled this movie under the banner named Benzy Productions and popular actor Indrans is playing the lead role in it. He has been giving us some wonderful movies recently. Along with him, Balu Varghese, Renji Panikkar, Prem Kumar, etc also playing key roles in this film. The trailer and songs from this film had got great responses from the audience as well.
It tells the story of the title character named Kunjabdulla, played by Indrans. He comes back to his native village from Mumbai after many years. Now his aim is to find his lost love and for that he starts a journey in search of Aleema, who studied with him in school. During that journey, he meets many characters and the flick shows what happens in his life and in that journey of his to find his love.

We have to say that Shanu Samad had shown his caliber as a director through this film and he had given us a beautiful cinematic experience that will touch our hearts for sure. He presented a plot which had great depth in it and he had presented it with utmost emotional intensity as well. The film has everything in it to engage the audience till the very end and it will make you nostalgic too. The screenplay by the director has been excellent too, as it has all the elements in it enthrall the audience from the very beginning to the last minute. As a director, he had presented the plot before the audience with conviction and handled the artists very well too. It has romance, comedy, emotional situations, suspense in it and it also speaks about some relevant issues that are happening in our society. Shanu Samad has been successful in making this movie a different love story, devoid of Cliché plot situations. The film tells us that age does not matter when you are in love.

The performance from Indrans has been great again and we can say that he had really made a place of his own among the finest actors in Mollywood now. He played the character named Kunjabdulla with ease and he just lived on the screen as Kunjabdulla. Balu Varghese also has done a great job and he once again got applause from the audience for his effortless acting.

Other artists like Renji Panikkar, Prem Kumar, Rachana Narayanan Kutty, Sreejith Ravi, Anjali Nair, Mala Parvathy, Lal Jose, Binu Adimaly, Ullas Panthalam, Savithri Sreedharan, Nandana Varma too did their part well and they provided many great moments in the movie with their performance.

Ansoor, the DOP of this flick, did a fine job by providing an atmosphere to present this beautiful plot which includes different time periods and covers a lot of locations. Music was tuned by Sajan K Ram, Hisham Abdul Vahab, Calicut Aboobacker, and the songs were too good, to say the least. VT Sreejith had edited the flick and the film moved smoothly forward thanks to the skill of this man.

In total, Muhabbathin Kunjabdulla is a well-made movie which will entertain you till the last moment and at the same time touch your heart. It tells the story in a way that you will love every character in it and will never be disappointed for sure.

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