Mohanlal is the Epitome of Perfection, says Sibi Malayil!

Mohanlal is the Epitome of Perfection, says Sibi Malayil!

Sibi Malayil is the director who had given us some evergreen classic films in Mollywood and most of his great films are with Mohanlal. Reports say that he is all set to make a comeback with a Mohanlal movie in the near future as well. Now, in a recent Media interview, Sibi Malayil said that Mohanlal is the only actor who made him stood wonderstruck behind the camera. He said that when Mohanlal is acting in front of the camera, he often forgot to say cut as Mohanlal seems like living as the character there. According to Sibi Malayil, Mohanlal is the epitome of perfection as well. Mohanlal will do any sacrifice for the perfection of the character, says the director.

He narrates an example of it as well. He said that when they were filming the movie Bharatham, there was a shot in which Mohanlal singing a song by sitting in a place where the fire is burning all around. He completed that shot without wearing clothes in his upper part of the body and after that shot when he came out from that place, they found that the body hair of Mohanlal was all burned to ashes. But he had done it without any complaints to make that scene perfect. Sibi said that he even cried at many times while watching the emotional performance of Mohanlal in front of the camera and that’s why he call him a wonder.

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