Mohanlal has a great personality and he is the King of Mollywood..Why..?

Mohanlal has a great personality and he is the King of Mollywood..Why..?

Mohanlal is the real King of Mollywood and he has a great personality as well. It’s not just our words, but the words we heard from many stars, legends, popular artists, people and technicians from film field all over India. But why we are telling it now..? That may be the question in your mind. It is because the same words have been spoken by Popular South Indian actress Shakeela a few days back in a popular Television program and she explains why she is telling that. Shakeela had acted with Mohanlal in a movie named Chotta Mumbai directed by Anwar Rasheed in 2007. It was a blockbuster success of Mohanlal. She had done a cameo in it and also had a combination scene with Mohanlal.

She said that when she came to the set of Chotta Mumbai, she did not know that she will be having a combination scene with Mohanlal. When she saw Mohanlal on the set, she has almost fainted due to her admiration for him, says Shakeela. Then they had a discussion about their dialogues in that scene and when she heard that Mohanlal have to say he had seen her film Kinnarathumbikal 4 times, she told him not to say that dialogue because it may affect his image badly. But Mohanlal said that he don’t care about such things and he had really seen that movie and appreciated her as well. She said it was indeed a great moment in her life and she felt as if she was flying.
Shakeela said that it is the quality of a great personality. He had nothing to hide before people and always ready to appreciate others. They consider everyone equal. That is why she calls him the King of Mollywood.

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