Mohanlal had given me confidence to do Oppam, says Priyadarshan!

Mohanlal had given me confidence to do Oppam, says Priyadarshan!

Master Director Priyadarshan is having a happy time now, as his latest release Oppam had become the biggest blockbuster of this year in Mollywood and it may well become the biggest hit of all-time as well. Apart from that his Tamil movie Sila Samayangalil got selected for Golden Globe Awards and he is all set to start his next Bollywood venture as well with Akshay Kumar. But still, he carries the painful memories of the incidents happened with him during the divorce trial he had recently. Priyadarshan got separated from his wife Lissy and the court had granted them divorce recently. Priyadarshan still loves Lissy and he made it clear that Lissy still has a special place in his heart. But he told to a media recently that words of Lissy during the divorce trial was just made him cry a lot and made him depressed. But, it was his best friend Mohanlal who had given him the confidence to be back in Movies.

Lissy said during the trial, in court, that Priyadarshan as a director is outdated and his days are over. When he heard that from Lissy, he broke down into tears and that made him depressed for months. He can’t believe that Lissy had said those words. He had somehow come out of that shock by reading books and watching Cinemas a lot. It was Mohanlal who had given him confidence and it was he who inspired him to do a movie. Oppam was the result of that, says Priyadarshan.

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