Microsoft launched Translator App supporting 50 languages

The latest news is that Microsoft is challenging Google through their new translator app called “Microsoft Translator”. Google already has a translator called “Google Translate”, which have 100 Million plus downloads alone in Play Store.


Microsoft launched their multi-platform supporting app which can work with 50 languages. Hindi is the only Indian language supported by Microsoft’s Translate app. As it is a multi-device supported app, it can be used in smartphones, tablets, Apple watches and wearable devices that run Android.
Translator Service is not a new thing for Microsoft, they are already providing it through their Bing website and Windows Phone mobile OS and recently through Windows 10 desktop software.


The translator can take input by type or by voice. Once you start giving the input the translator will start the job. That is translation takes place in real time and thus we don’t need to press any button. The app has a simple interface which is easy to handle. It has very basic things that are needed for a Translate App. We can pin the translation so that we can refer later. Also, the translation history is available. From the translation history also we can pin the translation. Clear history option in the settings will clear the translation histories, but pin translations are safe.


Google’s Translation App supports almost 90 languages, which includes south Indian languages like Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada. Google Translation App can take input through the camera which is missing in Microsoft Translator. Google’s guy can handle images and handwrite inputs. Considering these facts, Microsoft have to add so many features to challenge Google.

Overall Microsoft translator is weightless, simple, good looking translator. It’s clear that Microsoft is focusing on simplicity and quick access. We can hope that Microsoft will provide more language support in the future.

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