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Lavakusha Movie Review: A fun ride marred by too much length

Lavakusha Movie Review: A fun ride marred by too much length

The Malayalam movie which released here in Mollywood today was Lavakusha, a spy thriller directed by Gireesh Mano, who had earlier given us the movie named Nee Ko Nja Cha some years back. The screenplay of Lava Kusha was written by actor Neeraj Madhav and it is his first attempt as a writer. Neeraj Madhav and Aju Varghese play the title characters in this movie and Biju Menon also plays an equally important character in the comedy spy thriller. Jaison Elankulam has been bankrolled this flick under the banner of RJ creations.

The plot of this flick revolves around two happy-go-lucky youngsters who accidentally meet in Chennai. Then they decided to do something together and while on their way back to Kerala, a girl and a mysterious man come into their life and it turns their life upside down. Neeraj and Aju play those two youngsters and Biju Menon plays that mysterious guy. Deepti Sathi plays the female lead the movie.

Gireesh Mano’s first movie also was a fun film in which youngsters played the lead. When it comes to Lava Kusha, there are positives and at the same time negatives as well. The main positive is the way in which he presented the subject. Neeraj had written a decent screenplay. There is nothing extraordinary in it. But it has moments in it which will make you laugh. The first half was really interesting and very funny. The dialogues were hilarious and the plot situations too were made to create humor. Many such moments worked really well in the first half.

But in the second half, even if there are really funny moments, the length became a problem. It became too predictable and there were many unwanted scenes as well. At times we may feel that certain scenes are made just for the sake of creating mindless comedy. That had pulled down the movie.

Performance from Neeraj, Aju and Biju Menon has been great and all three of them had done full justice to their characters. Their On screen chemistry was great as well. Deepti Sathi played her part in a matured manner and other artists like Major Ravi, Vijay Babu, Ashwin Kumar, Nirmal, Thesni Khan etc also done their part well.

Music from Gopi Sundar has been decent. Background scoring could have been better and in thriller movies, it plays an important part. At places, it looked good, but it was not consistent. DOP from Prakash Velayudhan was fine and the movie was edited by John Kutty. He did a fine job as well even though the length of the movie was an issue.


In total, Lavakusha is a one-time watchable fun filled movie, if you go with fewer expectations. It has moments to make you laugh and that itself make it worth a watch.

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