Latest blog from Mohanlal based on Uri issue getting great appreciation!

Latest blog from Mohanlal based on Uri issue getting great appreciation!

A few months back, when Complete Actor Mohanlal wrote a blog based on the issue that happened in JNU campus, it had got great attention from all over India and he received appreciation and criticism alike. But now his latest blog based on the Uri issue has been getting great appreciation from all around and going viral in Social Media as well. Indian Soldiers were killed by terrorists at URI while they were sleeping and Mohanlal’s latest blog was based on this issue is getting widespread attention. He wrote that it is a shameless act and an act of cowardice on the part of terrorist to attack someone from the back.

He said that enemies can only attack India when it is asleep as when India awakens, the whole world will bow down before India in all sense. He said that he is not a fan of wars and always believes that war is the worst thing that can ever happen to this world. But this is the time to give the enemies the taste of their own medicine. We have to stand united and avenge for the ones who sacrificed their lives for our country.

Mohanlal is a Lieutenant Colonel in Territorial Army (Honorary) and he said that he share the loss of the families of those soldiers as his too. He also said that it is the time to stay united and retaliate against the enemies rather than discussing some petty politics.

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