Lalettan to his fans: “You made me a star, I will be there for you always”!

“You made me a star, I will be there for you always”; Mohanlal’s words to his fans trending in Social Media!

Mohanlal, we all know this man as the greatest actor our country have ever seen. Apart from being the finest actor in our country, he is the biggest ever star we got in the history of Malayalam Cinema as well. The love for him from the people here and even outside Kerala has been phenomenal. His success lies in the fact that he can make anybody his admirer and can make anybody so close to him by just a single meeting. We had already reported one such incident told by actor Nedumudi about this quality of Mohanlal. Now, his words to one of the Millions of fans of his is trending in Social Media. His latest Film Oppam is marching towards becoming the biggest hit in Mollywood and each and every one who loves this man is celebrating the grand success of the movie. During one such celebration, one his fan from Trivandrum, named Vivek expressed his wish to take a selfie with him. Vivek said to Mohanlal, he knows that Mohanlal is a very busy man and if he is convenient enough, then he wants to take a selfie with the great man.

Mohanlal replied to him that, people like Vivek’s love and support is the reason that made him a busy man or in other sense a star. So he owes his stardom to them and will be there for his fans always. Then Mohanlal said to him that he can take as many selfies as he wants. This is not the first time that Mohanlal’s love and care for his fans making the news. Without any doubt, we can say that Mohanlal is the simplest, down to earth and Humble Super Star we have in our industry. His humility makes him a great human being. His love and care for others are popular among people and that may also be the reason why he becomes an emotion to Malayalees.

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