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“You Are the OG Zinda Banda!”: Shah Rukh Khan Reacts to Mohanlal’s Viral Dance, and Mohanlal Responds

“You Are the OG Zinda Banda!”: Shah Rukh Khan Reacts to Mohanlal’s Viral Dance, and Mohanlal Responds

The internet is buzzing with excitement as a video of Malayalam superstar Mohanlal energetically dancing to Shah Rukh Khan’s hit song “Zinda Banda” from the film ‘Jawan’ at a recent award event continues to go viral. What started as a lighthearted moment has now turned into a delightful exchange between two of India’s most iconic stars, with Shah Rukh Khan’s reaction and Mohanlal’s equally charming response creating waves on social media.

Shah Rukh Khan shared a short clip of Mohanlal’s dance on Twitter, expressing his admiration for the Malayalam legend’s moves. He tweeted, “Thank u Mohanlal Sir for making this song the most special for me now. Wish I had done it half as good as you. Love u sir and waiting for dinner at home as and when. You are the OG Zinda Banda!!!” This tweet received widespread attention, sparking conversations among fans and media alike.

Mohanlal, known for his humility and wit, replied to SRK’s tweet, showing his appreciation for the kind words. His response read, “Dear @iamsrk, nobody can do it like you! You are and always will be the OG Zinda Banda in your classic, inimitable style. Thanks for your kind words. Also, just dinner? Why not groove to some Zinda Banda over breakfast, too?” Mohanlal’s reply quickly became a trending topic, with fans loving the playful banter between the two stars.

The viral video, which featured Mohanlal grooving to “Zinda Banda,” highlighted the 64-year-old’s energy and presence, capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. This delightful interaction between SRK and Mohanlal has only added to the excitement surrounding the viral video.

Beyond his enthusiastic rendition of “Zinda Banda,” Mohanlal also entertained the audience with a spirited performance of Rajinikanth’s iconic song “Hukum” from ‘Jailer.’ This connection with Rajinikanth is noteworthy, as Mohanlal made a special appearance in ‘Jailer’ as Mathew, a role that became a global fan-favorite.

While Mohanlal enjoys this viral moment, he’s also keeping busy with his hosting duties on the popular show Bigg Boss. Additionally, his latest movie, tentatively titled L360, has started rolling. In this film, he reunites with Shobana, marking 20 years since their last on-screen collaboration. Mohanlal is reportedly playing the role of a taxi driver, portraying a common man devoid of his typical stardom, a stark contrast to the larger-than-life roles he has often played.

As the viral video of Mohanlal’s dance continues to gain momentum, fans are eager to see what other surprises these legendary stars have in store. With Shah Rukh Khan’s heartfelt tweet and Mohanlal’s witty reply, this interaction has become a memorable moment for fans across the globe.

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