Kamasutra started filming in Hollywood!

Kamasutra started filming in Hollywood!

Kamasutra is one of the most popular books written in India which was related to the theories of Sexual intercourse. Sage Vatsyayana had written that book and it is popular all over the world as the most authentic writing about sexual intercourse in human life. It has become a subject for Film Makers as well. Many filmmakers had made movies in India based on this book and many had interpreted it in different ways as well. Now, a movie from Hollywood is on its way, which is now in its filming stage. But this upcoming movie will not be based on the Kamasutra written by sage Vatsyayana. But it is based on a book written by Riju R Sam, with the title Kamasutra Garden. The film also bears the same title as of the book.

The Malayalees who are living in America is behind the production of this movie which will be of 140 minutes length. The writer of this book Riju R Sam is the director of this movie as well. AV Anoop, Blessan Mannil etc are bankrolling this project. Chris Shrooli, Clisia Sanoli, Anoop Vasavan, Karole Wood, Eslin Garg Hold, Blessan Mannil, Rechal Sanori, Narayani Maharaj, Joseph Ous, Anna Gains etc playing important characters in this movie. The plot of this movie revolves around a place where some women living, who are masters at Kamasutra practices.

Dileep and Nadirsha to join together for Kattappanayile Hrithik Roshan!

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