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Kalyanam movie review: This flick will serve you a decent feast!

Kalyanam movie review: This flick will serve you a decent feast!

The major release which had graced the screens here in Kerala today was Kalyanam, directed by Rajesh Nair who had given us movies like Escape from Uganda and Salt Mango Tree. Popular actor and MLA Mukesh’s son Sravan had made his debut through this flick as he is playing the male lead in this movie. The female lead of this flick is also a debutant named Varsha. Kalyanam has been produced by Rajesh Nair, KK Radhamohan, and TK Udayabhanu together under the banners named Vaya Films and Sree Sathya Sai Arts. Director Rajesh Nair had written this flick as well.

The plot of this flick revolves around the character named Sarath played by Sravan Mukesh who is in love with his neighbor named Shari from his childhood. But he lacks the guts to tell her about his love for her. His only aim in life is to marry her and the film tells us the incidents happens in his life.

Rajesh Nair once again came up with a very simple movie which will entertain you until the last moment. It is a romantic comedy which has a lot of hilarious moments in it. The dialogues will make you laugh a lot as well as the situational comedies. There was a deliberate effort to avoid melodramatic scenes and it worked well for the movie as well. The romantic portions were not that bad and the screenplay has been a decent one. Director had made it a complete package and it will entertain every kind of audience, be it youngsters or family audience. There is nothing big in the movie and as the tagline says, it is a cliché love story. But it is definitely an interesting movie.

The performance from Sravan Mukesh was satisfactory as he looked comfortable as Sarath. He was energetic and his innocent face may well become his plus point in the future. Varsha who played the female lead had not much to do. But she had given a decent performance with whatever she got. The show stealers were Harish Kanaran and Jacob Gregory. Both of them were hilarious and they carried the movie on their shoulders in most parts. Sreenivasan and Mukesh too did a fine job along with artists like Saiju Kuruppu, Indrans, Kottayam Pradeep, Sasi Kalinga, Anil Nedumangad, Dharmajan, Sudheer Karamana, Saju Navodaya etc.

The DOP from Binendra Menon has been colorful and his visuals were cool as well. It really set the tone of this movie. Soorej ES edited the flick and he did a fine job too. His cuts had given a smooth pace to the narration. Music by Prakash Alex was decent and it really blended well with the theme of the movie.

In total, Kalyanam is a one-time watchable romantic comedy movie which will never disappoint you. It will make you laugh and relax inside the cinema hall for 2 hours and it is a decent debut from Sravan Mukesh as well.

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