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Ira Review: Surprisingly thrilling and satisfying

Ira Review: Surprisingly thrilling and satisfying

The movie which was released today here in Kerala was Ira directed by a debutant named Saiju S. It is the first production venture of director Vysakh and writer Udaya Krishna under their newly formed company named Vysakh- Udaya Krishnan productions. Naveen John had written the screenplay of this thriller in which Unni Mukundan and Gokul Suresh plays the lead roles. A teaser of this came out a few days back which reminded us about the Dileep case and that raised the anticipation level around this flick as well.

The plot of this movie revolves around two characters played by Unni Mukundan and Gokul Suresh. Gokul Suresh plays a doctor named Aryan who got wrongly accused of a murder and Unni Mukundan plays a special officer named Rajeev who comes to investigate about what really happened. The film shows us how Rajeev helps Aryan to prove his innocence.

Even though there are many scenes in this movie which has great resemblance with the incidents that happened in the investigation that went around actor Dileep, the film does not deal with Dileep issue. They used such scenes in a satirical manner. Saiju S had done a pretty good job as a newcomer as he had become successful in entertaining the audience until the very last moment. The screenplay from Naveen John was tight and there is everything in it to make the audience glued to their seats. There was action, romance, suspense, comedy, and thrill. They made the movie a clean entertainer which will appeal to every type of audience.

The Performance from Unni Mukundan has been the highlight of this flick as he had done a great job as Rajeev, the special officer. His mass look and cool performance have to be appreciated. Gokul Suresh also did a fine job in this flick and this actor is growing steadily. Mia George and Niranjana Anoop too did a great job and other like Alencier, Shankar Ramakrishnan, Saju Navodaya, Kailash, Lena etc too did their part to perfection.

The DOP from Sudheer Surendran has been great and he had provided some mass and beautiful visuals for this flick. Gopi Sundar once again sizzled with the background scoring. The songs were decent as well. John Kutty was the one who edited this flick and his experience had made the movie technically a brilliant one. His sharp cuts had given great flow to the narration of the plot.

In total, Ira is a mass entertainer or a mass thriller which will not let you down if you are a lover of such films. It has nothing extraordinary in it but will engage you until the very last moment for sure.

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