I just want a home like that of Mohanlal, says Ramesh Pisharody!

I just want a home like that of Mohanlal, says Ramesh Pisharody!

Ramesh Pisharody is now undoubtedly the most popular standup comedian in Kerala and he is popular all over the state as a mimicry artist and an actor as well. The program named Badai Bungalow in Asianet, which is anchoring by Ramesh Pisharody is now one of the most rated programs in Malayalam Television history as well. He is busy with his acting career and stage shows now. But he has an unfulfilled dream and it is about making his own house. In a recent Media interview, he shared his dreams about his home and what are his plans to make the dream house beautiful. He said that he just wants a house like that of Mohanlal, the Complete Actor.

Ramesh Pisharody says that he once saw the house of Mohanlal at Chennai. It was such a lovely house and the atmosphere around the house was so serene. He wants a house like that. Mohanlal’s house at Chennai is near the Sea and if we stand at the terrace of that house, we can see the sea and beach. It was beautiful indeed, says Ramesh Pisharody.

Ramesh Pisharody says that he wants a house away from urban areas and it will be at a lonely place. No one should be around his house to complain even if he make great noise there. He wants complete freedom there and he says that it have to be in a place where his friends cannot reach so easily as well.

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