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Honey Bee 2 Movie Review: Sadly, no celebrations!

Honey Bee 2 Movie Review: Sadly, no celebrations!

At last, the much-awaited movie Honey Bee 2: Celebrations, which is the sequel of super hit movie Honey Bee, had released all over Kerala last day.

Jean Paul Lal who made his debut through Honey Bee in 2013, had written and directed this one too and it was produced by his father Lal, who is popular here as an actor/director and producer. His banner named Lal Creations had made a comeback to production side through this flick. This movie has been distributed here by Adam’s World Of Imagination, which is the production and distribution banner of Asif Ali, who played the lead role in this movie.

The song videos of this movie which released sometimes back had made this one a highly anticipated movie. Everybody expected a fun filled hilarious entertainer just like its first part as well. But we have to say that this time Jean Paul Lal and team failed miserably to make such a movie. Honey Bee 2 just ended up an effort to cash in on the popularity of its first part. There is nothing in the plot to satisfy the audience who comes to cinema halls expecting a fun ride. The title of the movie says Honey Bee 2 – Celebrations. But we did not get anything from it to celebrate and that itself pulled down the flick.

The story starts from where it was ended in its first part. Seban and Angel are in the hospital after they tried to commit suicide by jumping into the sea. Angel’s brothers get ready for the marriage between Seban and Angel and they were very happy with him. But the new problem is that Seban is not sure about the consent of his parents in this regard. So they fabricate a story to convince the parents of Seban and that leads to more issues.

The plot has nothing new in it at all and the writer/director failed to convince the audience about what is happening in the movie. Some of the situations were weird as well. The first half of the movie ended up as an above-average one thanks largely to the trio Babu Raj, Sreenath Bhasi and Balu Varghese. Suresh Krishna, Ganapthy, and Amit played their part too. But the second half had nothing in it and the flick moved in a predictable line without any direction at all. It was lagging and dragging in the second half. The climax worsened the total effect more as it was a damped squib.

The performances from artists were good. Asif Ali and Bhavana looked well and complimented each other very well. The trio of Babu Raj, Sreenath Bhasi, and Balu Varghese were hilarious as usual. But they did not get much screen space this time. Especially, in the second half of the movie. Lal, Sreenivasan, Lena, Krishna Prabha, Kavitha Nair, Prem Kumar, Joy Mathew, Harisree Ashokan, Ponnamma Babu, Arun, Suresh Krishna, Asim Jamal, Amith, Ganapathy etc also done their part very well.

The technical side was decent as well. Visuals from Alby was cool and stylish. Ratheesh Raj’s editing could have been better as the movie lost its pace completely in the second half. Deepak Dev’s music also not raised up to the mark this time.

In total, we can say that Honey Bee 2 – Celebrations is a big let down and it will disappoint you for sure. It has nothing in it to attract you or satisfy you. Maybe the only thing is the title which may attract you because you still have the fond memories of its first part.

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