Heroes who made Pulimurugan a dream success!

Heroes who made Pulimurugan a dream success!

Pulimurugan already becomes a historical success in Mollywood and is all set to become the biggest success ever in Malayalam Cinema as well. The film is having a dream run here in Kerala and outside the state too it is making waves.

Let us first see how Pulimurugan is made! Here is a short making video of Pulimurugan!

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Now we are dedicating this article to those who worked hard to make this epic movie and the ones who dedicated 2 years of their life to make this dream success possible.

  1. Mohanlal
    He is the face of this movie and his stunning performance is the major factor that made this film an amazing success. His stunning fight sequences had just made the people here, to fall in love with the movie and with its success, he once again showed that there is no other actor in Mollywood, who can even come near him in star value and performance level.
  2. Vysakh
    He was the captain of this ship and it was Vysakh’s brilliance that made this film such a huge one. He had elevated the movie to another league with his craftsmanship.
  3. Tomichan Mulakupadam
    The courage shown by this man and the support he had given to the whole team to make such a big budget movie in Mollywood is the reason which made this movie possible. Hats off to Tomichan Mulakupadam for producing this movie.
  4. Udaya Krishna
    This is his first independent script and he wrote it intelligently to make both the fans and film lovers satisfied. Correct mixing up of elements for entertainment by him made this film the favorite of the family audience too.
  5. Peter Hein
    He is the man behind the stunning action sequences done by Mohanlal in the movie. Peter Hein had choreographed all that amazing stunt sequences which is the soul of this movie.
  6. Shaji
    The frames provided to the movie by Shaji was just stunning and some shots were breathtaking as well. His cinematography had elevated the perfection of the movie to next level.
  7. Gopi Sundar
    He had once again weaved his magic with his music. The songs and background scoring by him had made the audience filled with excitement and it elevated the mass effect of the movie to a whole new level.
  8. Joseph Nellikkal
    The art work he had done for the movie was really helpful in convincing the audience about the background of the plot.
  9. VFX team
    Firefly creative studios, Hyderabad had done the VFX of this movie. We have to say that they have done a terrific job in this flick. The tiger sequences were just terrific to say the very least.
  10. John Kutty
    He had edited the movie and it was superb as well. The audience never felt lagging although it is a 2 hours 41 minutes length movie and that is because of the crisp and sharp editing of this man.

Experience with Mohanlal sir is just out of the world one, says Kamalini Mukherjee!

Pulimurugan will speak foreign languages as well, says Mohanlal!