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The Great Father Review: Will The Great Father show his might at Mollywood Box Office?

The Great Father Review: Will The Great Father show his might at Mollywood Box Office?

After so much anticipation, the most hyped movie in the career of Mega Star Mammootty hit the screens here today. This movie titled  as The Great Father is written and directed by debutant Haneef Adeni is a family thriller. This flick was produced and distributed by August Cinemas, which is owned by Young Superstar Prithviraj, Santhosh Sivan, Shaji Nadesan and Arya. Along with Mammootty, Kollywood artists like Arya, Sneha etc playing important characters in this movie. Without any doubt, this was one among the most anticipated movies of this year and in a sense, we can that it is the most important movie in the career of Mammootty, looking at the current scenario at Mollywood.

The flick revolves around the character named David Nainan, who is a constructor. Mammootty plays this character. The plot focuses on his family, especially, on his relationship with his daughter. The plot moves forward when his daughter Sara is brutally raped by a serial killer. David Nainan decides to hunt him down and parallel to his hunt, a Police officer named Andrews Eapen, played by Arya also investigates this case.

Haneef Adeni had made a decent debut but it could have been better if he had tightened the screenplay a little bit more. Satisfying the audience with the most hyped movie of a super star’s career is not an easy task and Haneef Adeni had partially succeeded in that. He had written a screenplay which has importance to family emotions as well as mass elements. But the emotional scenes at times become too melodramatic and too artificial as well. Then he had sketched a visual language which gave the audience some thrill here and there and some rare moments to clap. Some One liners from Mammootty helped in getting those claps from fans. The story is not fresh at all, but he tried to present it differently. The lagging is the main problem in this movie. But somehow Haneef hold it all together until the end. The presence of a series of clichés right from the beginning and too much of slow motion scenes is the real reason behind the lagging in the narration.

Mammootty once again sizzled on screen in a stylish avatar and this man seems to be developed an anti-ageing syndrome. He was so handsome and cool in this flick and his portrayal of David Nainan is the backbone of this movie. Apart from Mammootty, Arya too had done a decent job as Police officer Andrews Eapen. Sneha did a fine job too in it as the wife of David Nainan. Baby Anikha was given a cute performance and others like IM Vijayan, Sham, Mia George Malavika Mohan, Santhosh Keezhatoor, Shajon, Balaji etc also did their part to perfection.

Visuals given by Roby Varghese Raj is one among the plus points of this movie. The fight choreography could have been better. Music was composed by Gopi Sundar and the songs were not up to the mark. The background scoring from Sushin Shyam was energetic. The flick was edited by Noufal Abdullah and there were flaws in that aspect as well. The lagging in the narration could have been lessening a bit by doing some better editing.

As a whole, The Great Father is a one-time watchable average thriller which will not disappoint you, if you go to the cinema halls without carrying the burden of expectations. It’s not that bad and it is not that extraordinary as well.

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