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French Viplavam Review: A Period Comedy Drama which failed to live up to the expectations

French Viplavam Review: A Period Comedy Drama which failed to live up to the expectations

French Viplavam starred by Sunny Wayne and directed by KB Maju hit the big screens today. It was written by Shajeer Jaleel, Shajeer Sha, and Anwar Ali and produced by Shajeer K J and Jaffer KA under the banner of Abba creations. Chemban Vinod and Lal played important characters in this movie as well. The trailer of this flick had got great attention from the audience.

Sunny Wayne plays the character named Sathyan in this movie and he is a chef. The plot of the movie is set in the period of 1996, in a village named Kochukadav. The film revolves around the incidents that happen in Sathyan’s life, after the Government of Kerala prohibited Arrack in Kerala. It also focusses on his romantic life.

KB Maju had tried to give us a clean comedy drama and it failed miserably. The plot is fresh and different, but it never took off and tested the patience of the audience. It has satiric elements in it. But the writers and director failed to create convincing plot situations. Shajeer Jaleel, Shajeer Sha, and Anwar Ali, who had written this movie also failed to make the movie interesting. It has nothing in it to create curiosity in the mind of the audience. The visual language given by Maju has been below average and he never had his grip over the proceedings as well.

Performance of Sunny Wayne as Sathyan, the village resort Chef, was the only positive of this film. He improved a lot as an actor and we can say that he had given a convincing performance in this film. He was very much convincing as Sathayn. Chemban Vinod once again did a decent job and Lal too got the applause from the audience for the superb show. Others like Arya, Sasi Kalinga, Unnimaya, Nobi, Aristo Suresh etc too did a fine job in this film.

Pappinu is the one who had given visuals for this film and his visuals really created the period of 1996 in front of the audience. Art direction of Arun Venjaramoodu too has been good. Prashant Pillai’s music was decent and his songs and background scoring played a significant part in the narration of this plot. Deepu Joseph’s editing too was good. But the fault in the screenplay never allowed the editor to provide any pace to the movie.

On the whole, French Viplavam is a below average comedy-drama, which will offer you nothing but disappointment. It has scope in it to make a great entertainer, but the makers failed to utilize it.

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