Disable Notifications for a particular app in iPhone!

A recent study reveals that smartphone notifications can impair concentration. Notifications can disturb us and it will dramatically affect the work or task we are doing. Sometimes, a particular application can disturb you by giving notifications. For example, twitter. So, in these situations we want to stop notification for a particular application only.
Apple comes forward to resolve this problem. Dealing with annoying notification is much easier in iPhone.
Let us see how we can disable notifications for a particular app in iPhone!.

Here are the steps:

1. Go to ‘Settings’
Go to Settings in your iPhone
2. Select ‘ Notifications’

Tap on Notifications in Settings
3. Tap on the app that is giving annoying notifications.

Tap on the app which causes annoying notifications
4. You can allow or stop notifications by sliding the up-most toggle. Green means allowing. If you want to receive notifications, then you can also adjust how notifications look(bottom part have these options).

Disable or enable Notifications
5. Allow notifications toggled to non-green disable notifications. You are done! No more annoying notifications!

Finally disabled notifications in iPhone

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