Director Vinayan praised Pulimurugan and want Rishiraj Singh back to kill piracy!

Director Vinayan praised Pulimurugan and want Rishiraj Singh back to kill piracy!
Pulimurugan still remains the talk of the town and even after completing a month and 100 crore business, praises are flowing in for the movie from different corners of the state and from outside as well. Now, veteran director Vinayan also came out through his Facebook page praising Pulimurugan and Mohanlal. Vinayan said that he wants to appreciate Tomichan Mulakupadam for showing such a great courage to produce a big budget movie like Pulimurugan, director Vysakh and technicians for making it technically brilliant and Mohanlal for his stunning performance and hard work for this movie for more than 6 months.

He said Pulimurugan proved that in Mollywood too big films and big canvases will work out. He had that dream years before while making the movie Athbhutha Dweepu. He said that his upcoming movie, which will be the re-release of his Little Super Man-3D is also such an attempt. Vinayan said that a producer like Tomichan Mulakupadam has to be there who has the conviction and courage to make such big movies.

Vinayan also said that Pulimurugan can get to a higher level in collection if the so called pirated prints do not spread. Vinayan wants authorities to take quick action against it and through the photo he shared along with the post, he told that he wants Rishi Raj Singh to come back to the anti-piracy cell, who had earlier done a great job while he was at the top.

Read the facebook post by Director Vinayan:

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