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C/O Saira Banu Movie Review: Manju back to her vintage best!

C/O Saira Banu Movie Review: Manju back to her vintage best!

Popular actress Manju Warrier starrer movie C/O Saira Banu directed by a debutant named Antony Sony released last day. It was written by popular RJ Shan along with Bipin Chandran. This emotional family drama was produced by Eros International in association with Maqtro Pictures and RV Films.

Along with Manju Warrier, Kismath fame actor Shane Nigam and popular actress Amala Akkineni also had done very important characters in this movie.

The plot of this flick revolves around the character played by Saira Banu who works in a Post Office. She had a son named Joshua Peter who is a graduate student in Law College and he is very passionate about photography as well. He is the son of a popular photographer named Peter George, who was dead years ago. Saira Bhanu is a foster mother of Joshua. Once Joshua gets a scholarship to study Photography in France. But some unexpected events happens in his life that he end up in jail. The film showcases how his mother Saira Bhanu fights for justice of her own.

The first half of the movie is more or less like a buildup and it is well written and well presented as well. There is a little surprise for the fans of Mohanlal in the first half of this movie and we can say that because of that we can feel his presence throughout. The second half become intense and thrilling as well. The situations were very realistic and the emotional content was very deep and heart touching as well. The climax part was damn good too. Antony Sony had proved that he can become an amazing filmmaker from here on and it was evident in the way he presented the movie before us.

The performance from Manju Warrier was just amazing as she had given her flesh and blood to Saira Banu. She was just living as that character and it was a flawless performance from her. Many recognitions are on the way for her for sure. Shane Nigam once again impressed with his natural and matured performance. The chemistry between him and Manju Warrier was super cool as well. Amala Akkineni made a grand comeback indeed. Except for some problems in lip syncing, she was also very good in this movie. Others like Niranajana, Ganesh Kumar, Sunil Sugatha, Jagadeesh, John Paul, Joy Mathew, P Balachandran, Indrans and Uppum Mulakum fame actor Biju Sopanam etc done a very good job as well.

The camera was cranked by Abdul Rahim and he had provided the emotionally intense atmosphere in the film through his realistic visuals. The music was tuned by Mejo Joseph and he too had done a very good job by giving soulful tunes. The movie never lagged even after having 2.35-hour length and thanks to the clever editing by Sagar Dass.

C/O Saira Banu is a beautiful movie which will touch your heart and it will be a movie which can make you entertained as well as enlightened. It will teach you something about life, society, and relations. Don’t miss it, because it is a movie which has a soul in it.


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