Bevel give 3d super-power to your ordinary camera!


Do you love photography? Nowadays everyone is fond of photography. No one is restricted from taking photos because everyone have a smartphone that is capable of taking pictures. You take beautiful pictures and of course you would like to show it to your friends and families. Sometimes you may amaze them, not every time! But the thing is that you can amaze them with a new gadget. Yes! You heard it right!!! I am taking about Bevel.

Photo of the first Bevel prototype

Bevel is nothing but a device that can give our phone camera a superpower – the power of 3D! It can offer 3D capabilities to your phone. Bevel can capture real 3D photographs that too in any smartphone or tablet. It is compatible with both Android and iOs devices. You only need a headphone jack to connect Bevel. Every phone/tablet, of course, have a headphone jack, so you can too connect Bevel.

Bevel size comparison




Working of Bevel is simple. It uses an eye-safe laser light and the existing camera of your device to capture 3D photographs. It can capture such crystal clear images that only the best cameras for landscape photography can rival. Just plug it in the headphone jack and pan the thing you want to capture. Bevel will then catch the 3D photographs for you. Then you can share it with your friends. The photographs you got are called “Genuine 3D™ photographs”. These photos can be rotated, turned into animated GIFs and also can be viewed from multiple angles. Also, image of the background can be added behind the 3D photo. These photos can be shared through Cashew and the Bevel app directly to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress blogs, Instagram, Pinterest etc.
Ordinary photos are 2D, which are not realistic. Bevel brings more realistic 3D photographs. Don’t think that a common man cannot afford to own Bevel. Because you can have it for just $49. That’s it is cheap as Rs. 3000. At that price, you can have a Bevel, a charging cable, and a calibration card.

Of course, there are some apps like Phogy (Android) and Seene (iOs) which are capable of generating 3D images using built-in cameras, but quality and depth generated would not match with Bevel. If you love to see and what to capture real 3D images you can buy a Bevel.

We got a video for you:


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