Android Wearable OS now supports iPhone!

Earlier android powered wearable devices can be paired only with Android phones. Now Google makes Android wearable devices compatible with iPhone. It means you can pair your Android-powered wearable device with your iPhone. The first device that will work with Apple’s iPhone is none other than LG’s Urbane Smartwatch. Now iPhone users are not limited to Apple Watch. They can also use other Android Wearable devices too. Of course, this may result in an increased selling of Android Wearable devices. It is a challenge to Apple itself as user’s are not restricted to Apple Watch, but they can have other options as Android Wearable OS now supports iPhone.

Pebble Watches were able to show notifications but were not able to pair with the iPhone. Of course, Android wear watches will be able to do less when comparing with Apple’s own Apple Watch.

Through the Android wearable devices, the users can check the messages, notifications and received call details. Also, the fitness activities, as well as heart rate, can be monitored, with the data logged into the Google Fit Service. Another thing is that Google search can be carried out by the voice.

There are features that an iPhone user would miss. Verge news site highlights certain features. You can check it.

A feature that iPhone users would miss includes the usage of third party apps. As Apple does not allow any third-party watch faces to be installed on its own smart watch it’s not a mere problem. Another limitation is the inability to reply to text messages through the Android Watch. Also, you cannot search for a specific song in Apple’s music services. Considering these facts, Apple Watch is ahead of Android Watch. When comes to pricing, Android Watches have the advantage as they are cheaper than Apple Watch.

LG already announced a Luxe version of their LG Watch Urbane, which is a premium limited edition smartwatch. It features a 23 carat gold body and alligator leather strap.

Other companies like Asus, Huawei, and Motorola are about to come up with new Android-powered wearables. Samsung’s new watches are using its own Operating System Tizen.

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